Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal Shower Invites and 1 Tired Little Girl...

Well it was a productive day I must say...Crafting wise...definately now housework wise. LOL My goal was to get the house picked up and 30 Bridal shower invites done today...Only one of them got done. And I am guess by the pictures posted, you can figure out which one. LOL These invites are for my little sisters bridal shower. WOW....that doesn't even seem possible for my BABY sister to be getting married! Makes me feel old! :-(

Anyway, These were so quick to put together...I just cut everything out to size and here is is ready for assembly!
In the mean time while I was assembling daughter had gotten real quite....So I went upstairs to check on her....LOL Wings and all, her wand is laying underneath her...This princess was OUT!!!!! So cute, I just HAD to take a picture of it!

Here you have it! 30 finished invites!! I really like how they turned out also. Very simple, very clean. I was excited! I am sure I am going to need to make a few more, but I started with 30....Besides it isn't like these took real long.

Here is the final invite...up close and personal! I like them.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Crafting!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

A winter day

Well I am slowly, very slowly catching up with my scrapbooking...Thanksgiving 2009, not TOO bad right?  LOL  This layout REALLY came together nicely I was quite pleased with it.  I just got an order in mail the other day and it contained the new CC Nutmeg line.  I figured it was perfect for this nice little Thanksgiving picture. 
 Don't you hate it when you can create like 4 fantastic layouts in a row and then all of sudden you reach one like this:
We had gone to Disney on Ice back in November 2009.  My plan is to make a smaller album just for this.  Like a 6x6 or 8x8 album so I didn't want to make to many layouts focusing on this in Kylie's album so I just wanted to highlight bits...  But what I got was a layout that looks like I have never scrapbooked a day in my life...Oh well, guess you have to through those in the mix every now and then.  I wasn't even going to post this picture but I though eh, what the heck, everyone has off days right.  Can't let them get to you.  What I should have done and maybe I still will, is I should have gotten to collages made of some pictures and just put those in the layout.  That I am sure would have looked SOOO much better.
I had a third layout that I started and really I just need to finish gluing it together....I just haven't gone down the my room to finish it.  I have I think 6 more layouts and I fill up album number 4 for Kylie.   Album 5 will begin with 2010 NEW YEAR.  So that means that I filled up 4 albums for 1 1/2 years of Kylie..LOL  maybe a little obessive, but hey, she will be glad she has them someday!  right?  LOL

Kylie and I went out and built a snowman yesterday...It's head had fallen off by that evening because it was so warm and it had melted that much...I should have taken a picture of it today...It is gone..That is how warm it was that the snow went from COVERING the ground to pretty much 100% melted.  I suppose we could make a mud man, because that is all we are left with. 

Well I suppose, I got all the paper I am going to need, I hope, to make my sisters Bridal Shower Invites.  Gonna be working on those this weekend, hoping to get those out on Monday...  Other than those, scrapbook layouts and cards...And who knows maybe I will get in some house work also...  LOL  Happy Scrapping all.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A crop night with a friend!

Last night Brandi and I got together and had a mini crop night together. It was so much fun to have someone to talk to!! And on top of it, I was actually productive! LOL She brought over a computer program she has, I looked like a total newbie trying to work it, like I had never even seen a Cricut machine. It was commical. But anyway, these are the layouts that I actually finished. They are some of my favorites!

This is Kylie at 16 months, November 2009. Not TO far behind. LOL Only 14 months behind...My goal is to be completely caught up by her 3rd birthday...Of course that was my goal by her 2nd....(it didn't happen, but I was only 1 year behind then. LOL) I remember this day I took these pictures. It was a beautiful fall day with all those dried leaves all over the ground. Kylie had on a pink and white striped shirt. I was pulling her around in an old rusty red wagon and was just following her around with the camera. When I went to develop the pictures I was playing with the color and I have to admit, the Sepia toned was SOOOOO much prettier then in full color. Which, is why all the pictures are Sepia and this JelliBeanSoup paper and Prima flowers where a perfect match!
Where we live, we have a lot of cows. My in-laws are big into cattle and during the county fair in 2009, Kylie became the biggest fan of cows. So whenever it is nice outside, we go walk down to the lot so she can watch them. She can sit there forever and just watch the cattle. She is such an outside / animal lover. I have big plans for her in 4-H when she gets older.
She LOVES her brother Kody, they had so much fun together playing on the her slide. They are pretty special 1/2 siblings, born on the same day 9 years apart. My grandpa was also born on the same day. When Kylie turned 1, Kody turned 10, and great Grandpa turn 80.
This I think is my new favorite layout of far...This day Kylie was running around in diaper and was playing in my "tupperware" drawer. She put this big butter dish on her head and was carrying around the big spoon. At one point she had went and got this red blanket and wrapped it around herself. I was laughing so hard was so happy I actually I thought of getting a picture of it. I clipped the blanket together so it would stay on. She stayed like this for probably a good 30 minutes just walking around the house waving that spoon. Of course, I didn't get it on video...I probably could have been $10,000 richer right now if I had. LOL Oh well...
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What an honor....

Today, in the city of Seward, NE...a new found papercrafter was recognized by a fellow crafter from far away.  My new friend, mentor and fellow crafter Krista from Krista's Paper Cafe has honored me with a "Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you so much Krista!  It made my day!!  I can't thank you enough for encouraging me though my new found love and journey in the world of papercrafting!  Krista could only pick 8 blogs to honor with this award and again I am honored she decided to choose mine as one of those 8.

Along with this award come a few expectations....

1.  I must share 8 things about they go..

          1.  I have been married since 2004 at which time I had no idea the love of papercrafting or scrapbooking
          2.  I have a beautiful little girl who has been my inspiration to begin this journey back in 2008 to which I have passed on the addiction...I mean, LOVE of art.  (at 2 1/2 my little girl would rather paint and create then watch t.v.  Who can blame her and who am I not to encourage that!)
          3.  I am currently "single parenting" as my husband is fighting overseas for our wonderful country. 
          4.  I um....(wow 8 things, who would have thought this was going to be this hard...LOL) I have 2 other older and one younger...The younger sister is getting married in April 2011 and I made all her Invitations.  My first BIG project! 
         5.  I have a sweet spot for Reeses Peaunt Butter Cups...I just love them so much!
         6.  I have driven an 18 wheeler all the way from Cheyanne, WY to Seward, NE (my husband is a truck driver, he owns his own company,  and he threatened me that if I didn't drive home, we were staying the night in the truck...again..)  LOL
        7.  I LOVE to dance and my daughter WILL love it also...  LOL
        8.  Thinking of 8 things to say about myself that would be ineresting to others had to have been one of the hardest things I have had to do....
        9.  I am just kidding on that last one..LOL  The real number 8...I love my family more than life itself and I would do anything for anyone of them...and family isn't only blood...

2.  Well now I need to pass this award to 8 others that I have found that offer inspiration to my crafting life and that just offer up smiles in general!  The following are the list of their blogs in no particular order...Please check them out!!!!

1.  A bit of this.A bit of that.
2.  Kinder Stampo
3.  Bug Lover Cards
4.  Pink Cricut
5.  My Pink Stamper
6.  Spantastikcreations
For my last two I am choosing two wonderful sites that really got me going in the scrapbooking world.  Without their awesome deals to help get me started, who knows if I would even be where I am now...
7.  CraftySteals  -  This is their main website, but you can get to their blog through it.
8.  Scrappin Deals N Steals  -  This is the main website, but you can get to their blog through it.

And of course the wonderful lady who honored me....Krista from Krista's Paper Cafe  Thank you again for your support and encouragement!
Alright...There you have it.  These are just a very few people that have inspired me to do what I am doing now.  And I couldn't thank them enough..Please be sure to check them out!

My wild hair completed!

My sewing machine (even though I have yet to stitch on a card. I will...eventually... and my beautiful Cricut! I love it!!!
THE FINISHED ROOM!!!!!! Lets see how many finished projects come out!
Someday I would love to repaint my room...Some bright artistic color that really inspires me!
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Love me some Unity!

These are my wonderful Unity Stamps. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I had bought all those pencil cases at Walmart after School supplies went on sale. I have each set in a case with the picture of the set through the window. I need a better way to store them though, without having to spend a whole lot of money!

This is what that looks like...
This is my wonderful Glimmer Mist spray box. On top is a beautiful picture my daughter made at daycare with Teri.

 Stamps stamps and MORE STAMPS!!!  This entire shelving is nothing but stamps.  I had a friend that was at a garage sale a few months ago.
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Paper Paper and More Paper

This is my stash of paper...You see all the cardstock sorted on the left in the center is all the patterned paper...My next investment is going to be a Cropper Hobber paper files. Not that I don't like my Priority Mail boxes...LOL On the right are all my stickers and Thickers and rub-ons.

This basket contains all my paper sets that I get... I like to keep them together that way I have everything I need for a layout in one reach! But I would like a different way to store them....Oh well this works for now..
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The wild hair is finished! Part one

This is a little shelf I have sitting on my cutting table where I can display some of my recent creations. On the left, is the wedding invites I made for my sisters wedding. The middle, is a recent card I made, "With Love" and on the right is an Army frame I made for a picture of my husband.

Here I have all my little embellishments...The wire racking holds my boxes of ribbon, pens, embossing powders, mini albums, brads, crop-0-dile, and adhesives. The rolling cart is filled with all the other embellies that I love~

In the background you can see some garland hanging on the wall...This is a set of three that say "Sweet" "Love" "Kiss"....

CARDSTOCK!!!!! I use to have all my cardstock just piled in a drawer and I would have to dig and dig and dig to find what I was looking for...So I stocked up at Walmart with those three drawer sterilite containers...THEY ARE PERFECT!!!! One for each color. This way now all I have to do is pull out the drawer of the color I am looking for and find the right match. VIOLA! Plus...I didn't realize HOW MUCH I actually had! Amazing what you find when you "clean".
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Kylies craft nook....

My daughter is 2 1/2 and she LOVES to make art! So....what better why to encourage her then to give her, her own space...She even has one of my nice rolling carts that I gave to her to put ALL her art supplies in...

Kylie's craft nook....Maybe someday she will have a craft business called that....LOL
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The wild hair to rearrange my Scraproom

Tell me again, WHY did I think I needed to rearrange my room? Now I just have a mess that I can't even walk around in...
This really wasn't a good idea...was it..
OH MY GOSH!!!! LOOK! Right there in the middle! There is a...FLOOR!
What a mess..... I am never going to get done....
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick kiddo and a wild hair....

So on Thursdau I got a stupid idea and thought I needed to rearrange my scraproom....It started with the feeling of wanting to do a deep vaccum, I have carpet in my room...for now, so I moved my table out of the corner and it exploded from there.  On Friday I had completely torn it apart but had to take my daughter to her well-child check at 330p.m. so I didn't get it finished...I figured I could finish after we got home...  Kylie did very well durning her check as usual, no issues, had her vaccines and away we went.  6p.m. Friday night, I noticed Kylie wasn't looking very well, took her temp and it was 101.9.  This was the highest it has ever been, so far...  Granted I know those vaccines can cause a fever so I wasn't to concerned.  Although she rarely ever had reactions prior to this.  Gave her some Motrin and three hours would have thought that her fever would have gone down...NOPE!  102.8!  I was starting to go panic!  Friday night it had spiked to 103.5.  I had called the Triage nurse line before it had even hit 103.0, who would have thought that in a 2 1/2 year old when the fever hits 105.0 thats when they need to come in!  Kept the fever down through Friday night..
Saturday her fever hovered around 102.5-102.9 most of the would go lower and get higher but pretty much stayed in that range.  She slept alot, but I wasn't able to leave her side. The second I would try she would wake up, so the mess I created in my scraproom was no longer a priority.  Saturday night, her and I were watching TV and I would take her temp periodically and it started to creep up past about 930p.m. while the snow is falling heavily down and the wind is blowing her fever decides to spike at 104.0  I called the triage nurse line again and in the 5 minutes I was on the phone with them it went up to 104.7.  I went and started the car got her dressed and we were off in a mild blizzard to the E.R. 40 miles away....
By the time we got to the E.R. at 1045p.m. her temp had gone down to 103.6 but I didn't care, I wasn't going to wait and see if it would go down at home. My baby girl doesn't feel good and I hadn't been able to do anything for her so someone else hopefully can.  They got her right in dosed her with some Tylenol, a dose of liquid steriod and a breathing treatment because she had also aquired a croupy cough Friday night.  They did a nasel swab and chest xray to hopefully rule out pneumonia and influenza which they, PRAISE THE LORD, were able to do.  They dosed her with some Ibuprofin at midnight and at 1a.m. we were released with a liquid steriod prescription and a diagnosis of a viral croup.  The nurse said what more then likely happened was that Kylie was "getting" sick prior to her well-child check, but her body was handeling it.  After her shots, they compromised her immune system just enough to let that virus attack her and knock her out.  We got hot home about 2a.m. and she and I both slept pretty well. 
Which brings us to today....
Kylie's fever never got above 101.5 today and for the majority of the day stayed around 100.3 or lower even reading normal a few times.  She was in a better mood and I was able to leave her side for longer than a five minute period.  She took a GREAT nap this afternoon and against my own desire, I skipped nap time with her to try to make some progress in the mess I had created of my scraproom.  When Kylie got up, she even came down and "helped" me.  I am still not done, but with a sick kiddo, a wild hair is not a good thing to have.  LOL  I will be posting the before and afters of the mess.  Someday I hope to repaint the entire room also and offically have a "studio"...In time I guess.  You will even see Kylie's little section of the craft room.  I was even nice and gave up one of my rolling carts to her...  LOL

Sleep tight all!!!  Thanks for all the well wishes for my little girl.  We aren't 100% but we are well on our way!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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It has been a long ride!

Well everyone, I noticed that my last entry was from December 29, 2010...If you are wondering why I haven't posted since then I have a good reason...See my husband, who is deployed overseas actaully surprised us all that night!  He was able to come home on R&R and also for his brothers wedding!  It was a wonderful surprise!  So I was a little busy and preoccupied with him being home to really worry about blogging.  Hope you all understand!  :-)

Well I have been wanting to begin an actual business with my papercrafting for a few months now...and I have officially begun it!  My website now has an official store where you can purchase the cards and other items that I make.  For those of you that already papercraft, I will begin to carry some supplies like papers and embellishments that you can purchase.  It is all through PayPal!  If you don't have a PayPal account just contact me about other payment options..  Hope over to and see what I have to offer!!

I am really excited about this venture!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Now for a few cards I made last night....(remember all these cards you see on my blog are available for purchase through my website or directly through me!

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