Friday, January 28, 2011

A winter day

Well I am slowly, very slowly catching up with my scrapbooking...Thanksgiving 2009, not TOO bad right?  LOL  This layout REALLY came together nicely I was quite pleased with it.  I just got an order in mail the other day and it contained the new CC Nutmeg line.  I figured it was perfect for this nice little Thanksgiving picture. 
 Don't you hate it when you can create like 4 fantastic layouts in a row and then all of sudden you reach one like this:
We had gone to Disney on Ice back in November 2009.  My plan is to make a smaller album just for this.  Like a 6x6 or 8x8 album so I didn't want to make to many layouts focusing on this in Kylie's album so I just wanted to highlight bits...  But what I got was a layout that looks like I have never scrapbooked a day in my life...Oh well, guess you have to through those in the mix every now and then.  I wasn't even going to post this picture but I though eh, what the heck, everyone has off days right.  Can't let them get to you.  What I should have done and maybe I still will, is I should have gotten to collages made of some pictures and just put those in the layout.  That I am sure would have looked SOOO much better.
I had a third layout that I started and really I just need to finish gluing it together....I just haven't gone down the my room to finish it.  I have I think 6 more layouts and I fill up album number 4 for Kylie.   Album 5 will begin with 2010 NEW YEAR.  So that means that I filled up 4 albums for 1 1/2 years of Kylie..LOL  maybe a little obessive, but hey, she will be glad she has them someday!  right?  LOL

Kylie and I went out and built a snowman yesterday...It's head had fallen off by that evening because it was so warm and it had melted that much...I should have taken a picture of it today...It is gone..That is how warm it was that the snow went from COVERING the ground to pretty much 100% melted.  I suppose we could make a mud man, because that is all we are left with. 

Well I suppose, I got all the paper I am going to need, I hope, to make my sisters Bridal Shower Invites.  Gonna be working on those this weekend, hoping to get those out on Monday...  Other than those, scrapbook layouts and cards...And who knows maybe I will get in some house work also...  LOL  Happy Scrapping all.  Thanks for stopping by!

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