Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to my crafty friend Amanda over at Scrap and Dash!  She recognized my blog for this award and I thank her for helping me get my blog and business going by referring me to some of her friends.

When receiving this award you are to link back to the one who recognized you and then pay it forward to 8 new blogs AND share 8 things about yourself...  So...eight we go...

1.  Right now, my husband is currently serving overseas and I am here attempting to continue his trucking business while he is gone...Scrapping is my release...

2.  My 2 1/2 year old LOVES to do art also!  YEAH!!!!!

3.  I absolutely LOVE Reese candy...actually I love most kinds of candy.  LOL  I have a filled candy dish in my scrapbook room!

4.  My favorite quote that I heard from Greys Anatomy one night was stated by a pregnant Kallie "Does anyone want to argue with my extra special vagina vote?"  Sorry---I thought this was absolutely hilarious and I wish I would have thought of it while I was pregnant. 

5. I love my coffee!!  Love , love, coffee!!!

6. When my husband left for overseas, my scrapping was a hobby that consisted of a couple boxes of paper and a table...4 months after he left....I took over an entire room and created a business and now the room is almost too small to hold all the TREASURES!!!  LOL!

7.  I love to bake, and do not do it near as often as I would like...

8.  Hmmmm  one more..Do you know how long it took me to think of the first 7?!!  LOL  Ummmm....I LOVE 4 seasons of weather..I love snow, I love heat..However...I HATE the wind... 

Well there you go...8 things about Katie Hackbart owner of The Scrapbox


8 blogs that have inspired me in my own creations....









Well there you go....8 truely talented crafters...Be sure to check them out!  Stop by, tell them I sent you and leave them some love!

Cute Little Cards...At least I think so!

I was able to get a few things done yesterday, so I figured since I didn't get this done last night I would share today..So I will get right to them....
This first one features Unity Stamp Co KOM LOVE this set...So many different stamps great for ALL occasions! On the sentiment I lifted up the middle and then tacked down the ends for a wavy look...(I couldn't get a good picture that showed it off, so you will just have to use your imagination...
Saint Patricks day Birthday Card!!! Do you know anyone who has a birthday durng March or around St. Patricks Day? Here is the perfect card for you!!! I really like how it turned out! My 2 1/2 year old helped me out with the embossing! She ran it through my Texture Boutique for me...She loves doing that thing, she things she is pretty hot stuff when she does.

Do you knwo a fun loving little boy that is turning 10? Or a girl for that matter...Don't ask me why I specified an actual age on this card...I just did...I think it turned out cute...
I blinged up the cricut also, for some added sparkle...Couple little jewels for the eyes and a line of green stickles to shine up his smile. I think he is cute. LOL

Well thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my creations...Hoping to do somemore tonight...or at least clean up my room... LOL
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WHY did I wait so long!!!!????

How many of you have a Xyron Create-a-Sticker?  How many of you know how great it is?  At least I think so!  If you don't agree, tell me your favorite!  I bought one of these a little over a month ago and just used it for the first time tonight...  I have been gluing all my little letters for so long...and if you have one of these little know how terribly expensive they are!  LOL  A whole what $8.00!!!!  Why have I just now decided to do this?  It worked wonderful! And best of all my fingers were free of sticky glue that ends up getting all over my layout!  Would you like to see what I made?! 

Layout using my new Xyron!

A sledding we will go

Here are a few of the letters I ran through the Xyron...I think I am addicted!  LOL
I really like my cute little purple sled also..Gotta love the Cricut don't you!!!

I made a layout last night also that I haven't shared here you go...

Funny thing about the pictures in this layout...Christmas 2009 my parents surprised me with one of the best Christmas presents Cricut Expression!  I was SOOOOOO excited!!!  I wanted to forget the rest of the present opening and start that puppy up right then and there...unfortunately Christmas 2009 was also the Christmas of a wonderful horrible blizzard...We were out of power and snowed in for a few there my prized posession sat...Anyway...My step-son Kody bugged me and bugged me wanting to make something and being the selfish person I am (NOT, if you know me) well anyway, I finally let him make something after I had a chance to fiddle around first...And what did the wonderful big brother want to make?!  An award for Kylie...a #1 Sister award..and only a #1 Brother does something like that!!   He was in heaven!!!  He actually got a Cricut for Christmas 2010 from his mom and step-dad to my understanding...

Well thanks for stopping by!!!  Here is a funny that I will leave you with...

My baby girl and my cat cuddled up together.  Awwwwwwwwww

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a few creations!

A productive weekend!

Well, I had quite the weekend!  Very productive so I am not going to waste time typing, I am going to get right to the pictures to show off the creations!!!


HI! Butterfly stamps are from Dream Big by, Unity Stamp Co.!  My new fave! I added a little extra butterfly for some added pop!

Up close~!

I was fighting on what kind of sentiment to put on this, for quite a while, and I finally decided that it was just fine blank...

One more card...
This one is unfortunately for my step-son who tragically lost his Aunt Tracy yesterday to a 6 year battle, well fought, to breast cancer...  Tracy was such a strong, loving, and courages woman.  She was an inspiration to all who knew her and many who never actuall met her, including myself...  I found out about this tragic loss and made this card just for him...

(Her name is linked to her blog where if you would like to see just what a couragous and inspirational woman she was.)

I can't believe I am only 1 year behind with my scrapbooking!!!  The last time I was only 1 year behind was 6 months ago!  LOL  These are pictures of February 2010...My goal is to be 100% caught up with my daughters scrapbook BEFORE her 3rd July. 

I love this neon green layout...  She was such a ham this day. 

I added some sparkle to the star burst punches with some green stickles.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Monthly Unity Challenge!!!

For this card I used Unity Stamp Co hearts, distressed music background and Love

I really like how this one turned out!

Since you have been SO patient!

LOVE stamp from Unity Stamp Company, this has become one of my favorite LOVE stamps!  It is so pretty!  You will see I used it again today on an altered picture frame....  This card also features a heart stamp from USC also, although it is hard to see as I watermarked it in the background as is the distressed music background also from USC...

Here you can kind of see the Heart stamp.... along with the three little stones I used from my I-Rock (Love this also)

Here you can see the music background..This was such a simple but yet pretty card I think.  :-)

Remember my ribbon color coding I did the other day?
Well here you go!  I think it looks pretty...  :-)  I had some canning jars that have been sitting in my closet for maybe 2 years or more from an extremely failed canning attempt...I never got rid of them for some reason and I guess this is why!  LOL  They worked perfectly!  And look pretty!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  (From 2010!)

Who doesn't love mini banners and stickles!

This purple and green Layout, is one of my favorites!!!!
Beautiful Prima flower!


Just a solid wood frame that I picked up at Hobby Lobby...


Pretty Prima Flower

LOVE from Unity Stamp Co.

Kylie hard at work creating her wonderful art projects!!  She LOVES doing art!!
My beautiful little princess!!!!
And the love for my color splash option on my camera!  LOL

Kylie and I had an amazing day today!  We started out talking with daddy on Skype as usual.  We then went to our little hide-away and did craft projects.  Then we had a quick lunch and a quicker nap...I took her to see Gnomeo and Juliet at the theatre...We both enjoyed it!  Then a quick stop at Walmart for dog food...Unfortunately I walked through the clearence isle and got her that TuTu she has on in that picture and a few other things, just because...  Had a wonderful supper of pork cutlets and au gratin potatoes...Now she is watching a movie playing with Belle, from Beauty and the Beast Barbie doll (that she also got today) and I am catching up on my blogging!  Since I was absent for a week, I hope this makes up for it!  LOL  Have a great night all, and Happy Crafting!


Friday, February 18, 2011

New things to come!!!

I PROMISE!!!  I have been slacking and I am terribly sorry!!!  I just got done finishing a card that I am actually going to submit into a challange and I am in the middle of cleaning my scraproom...I just wanted to share that I haven't forgotten about you all!  I will be posting some pics tonight!!  Stay Tuned!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a few...

Happy Valentines Day!!! I made these cute little "suckers" for a dear friend who also just happens to watch my daughter...They are for her son to take to school. I made 14 of these little guys. They are 3" square and the inside has two little holes punch to thread the sucker through. I really like how they turned out...

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!!!!! It is for a very strong woman fighting breast cancer...My step-sons aunt. I have never officially met her, but I know of her and know how brave and inspirational she is and has been to so many people. She unfortunatley is not and has not been doing the greatest, so I wanted to give her something that would hopefully brighten her day...

I absolutely LOVE the Believe stamp from Unity Stamp Co. I embossed it with glitter which gave it that extra "ZING" (also the brand of the embossing glitter :-) ) and then I pop dotted the Believe and the 3 little ribbons. I was SOOOO pleased with how this turned out. I really hope she likes it. I gave it to my step-sons mom when I picked him up tonight to give her. If anyone would like to uplift a prayer for her and her family, I know it would mean alot to me. My step-son is very close to his aunt and loves her very much...

Well....that pretty much does it. I have SOOO many plans for tomorrow, I really hope that I can get things done! I have an activity I want to do with my Step-son for his aunt, but we will see if we can get it done, making a picture frame. I know I had been pretty quite on posting and creating, hopefully someday I will get to the point where I can create at least one thing everyday! Well happy crafting all!
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Sunday, February 6, 2011


So this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with scrapping...It is just to hilarious NOT to share!  So a little of my past:

I am a fainter always have been...when I got my ears pierced...fainted, sister cut her leg, deep, and I am the one that almost passed out, not her...I had to get four teeth pulled in high school when I got braces and I went into a panic attack and almost passed out.  Stubbed my toe real bad and cut it at the same time taking a good chunk of skin of when I did it..almost passed out..  Had a few moles removed, passed out..My husband cut his leg with a chain saw while we were fixing some fence in a pasture and the only way to the actual vehicle was the 4-wheeler we drove out there, he had to drive us to the car because I was passing out...My daugher caught her finger in the screen door and cut it real bad she is crying and I am tying everything in my power to NOT pass out...

You get the point...I am a fainter...I know now, that when I go to the doctor or dentist I have to warn them that I am a fainter that way they can be prepared.  It is horrible..pathetic really.  lol  Funny also!

So I had an eye appointment today, yes on a Sunday...I feel like I am going blind, luckily it isn't as blind as I thought,  I just ended up getting reading and computer glasses...I can't see up close without straining my eyes...Anyway I never would have imagined that I needed to warn the eye doctor of my fainting issue.  But I found out, I will from now on....

He put these drops in my eyes that made them feel really funny.  I don't even know how to describe the way they felt but then he did this pressure test.  I guess he was actually touching my pupil, I didn't know this at the time, but as soon as he was done doing whatever it was that he did.  My blood pressure dropped, I started sweating, dripping sweat and things were going white on me.  The second I felt it come on, I told him that I was getting really light headed.  I couldn't  get myself back.  Sometimes I can calm myself down.  I couldn't I was getting worse...I fianlly asked him to get me some water or piece of candy or something, I told him I was literally seconds away from completely going out.  It took me a good 7-10 minutes to finally come out of it.  I am such a pansy!  LOL  Fainting at the eye doctor!?  REALLY!???  WHO DOES THAT!?  Apparently....THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! Oh well, hope you enjoyed hearing about my mishap at the eye doctor.  I thought it was just to funny not to share.  And I am a good sport where I can laugh at the fact of being a pansy...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Watching Movies with Daddy

Just had to share this...Kylie and her daddy watching movies together. She didn't want to talk to him, she just wanted her daddy to watch a movie with her... I thought it was cute!
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