Sunday, February 6, 2011


So this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with scrapping...It is just to hilarious NOT to share!  So a little of my past:

I am a fainter always have been...when I got my ears pierced...fainted, sister cut her leg, deep, and I am the one that almost passed out, not her...I had to get four teeth pulled in high school when I got braces and I went into a panic attack and almost passed out.  Stubbed my toe real bad and cut it at the same time taking a good chunk of skin of when I did it..almost passed out..  Had a few moles removed, passed out..My husband cut his leg with a chain saw while we were fixing some fence in a pasture and the only way to the actual vehicle was the 4-wheeler we drove out there, he had to drive us to the car because I was passing out...My daugher caught her finger in the screen door and cut it real bad she is crying and I am tying everything in my power to NOT pass out...

You get the point...I am a fainter...I know now, that when I go to the doctor or dentist I have to warn them that I am a fainter that way they can be prepared.  It is horrible..pathetic really.  lol  Funny also!

So I had an eye appointment today, yes on a Sunday...I feel like I am going blind, luckily it isn't as blind as I thought,  I just ended up getting reading and computer glasses...I can't see up close without straining my eyes...Anyway I never would have imagined that I needed to warn the eye doctor of my fainting issue.  But I found out, I will from now on....

He put these drops in my eyes that made them feel really funny.  I don't even know how to describe the way they felt but then he did this pressure test.  I guess he was actually touching my pupil, I didn't know this at the time, but as soon as he was done doing whatever it was that he did.  My blood pressure dropped, I started sweating, dripping sweat and things were going white on me.  The second I felt it come on, I told him that I was getting really light headed.  I couldn't  get myself back.  Sometimes I can calm myself down.  I couldn't I was getting worse...I fianlly asked him to get me some water or piece of candy or something, I told him I was literally seconds away from completely going out.  It took me a good 7-10 minutes to finally come out of it.  I am such a pansy!  LOL  Fainting at the eye doctor!?  REALLY!???  WHO DOES THAT!?  Apparently....THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! Oh well, hope you enjoyed hearing about my mishap at the eye doctor.  I thought it was just to funny not to share.  And I am a good sport where I can laugh at the fact of being a pansy...


  1. I saw your entry on the Unity Challenge site and I like your style. I also like that you added your little tale of fainting,it just makes you human.It`s greta to see the cards and layouts(something I love to do as well) but I also like it when a fellow blogger adds her not so perfect moments.
    follow me and I`l follow you. :)

  2. I just visited your blog!! Thanks for introducing yourself! Proud to be a new follower and glad to have you follow me! If you continue to follow me, you will see that I will ALWAYS through in my imperfections. I like it when people do that as well! This was just to hilarious not to share....LOL I am a fainter and have come to grips with it so why not share right! Thanks for stopping by!