Saturday, February 19, 2011

Since you have been SO patient!

LOVE stamp from Unity Stamp Company, this has become one of my favorite LOVE stamps!  It is so pretty!  You will see I used it again today on an altered picture frame....  This card also features a heart stamp from USC also, although it is hard to see as I watermarked it in the background as is the distressed music background also from USC...

Here you can kind of see the Heart stamp.... along with the three little stones I used from my I-Rock (Love this also)

Here you can see the music background..This was such a simple but yet pretty card I think.  :-)

Remember my ribbon color coding I did the other day?
Well here you go!  I think it looks pretty...  :-)  I had some canning jars that have been sitting in my closet for maybe 2 years or more from an extremely failed canning attempt...I never got rid of them for some reason and I guess this is why!  LOL  They worked perfectly!  And look pretty!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  (From 2010!)

Who doesn't love mini banners and stickles!

This purple and green Layout, is one of my favorites!!!!
Beautiful Prima flower!


Just a solid wood frame that I picked up at Hobby Lobby...


Pretty Prima Flower

LOVE from Unity Stamp Co.

Kylie hard at work creating her wonderful art projects!!  She LOVES doing art!!
My beautiful little princess!!!!
And the love for my color splash option on my camera!  LOL

Kylie and I had an amazing day today!  We started out talking with daddy on Skype as usual.  We then went to our little hide-away and did craft projects.  Then we had a quick lunch and a quicker nap...I took her to see Gnomeo and Juliet at the theatre...We both enjoyed it!  Then a quick stop at Walmart for dog food...Unfortunately I walked through the clearence isle and got her that TuTu she has on in that picture and a few other things, just because...  Had a wonderful supper of pork cutlets and au gratin potatoes...Now she is watching a movie playing with Belle, from Beauty and the Beast Barbie doll (that she also got today) and I am catching up on my blogging!  Since I was absent for a week, I hope this makes up for it!  LOL  Have a great night all, and Happy Crafting!


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  1. Great projects Busy Katie. The frame is darling. I do like your ribbon jars. They are cheerful. Say hello to Busy Kylie!!