Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal Shower Invites and 1 Tired Little Girl...

Well it was a productive day I must say...Crafting wise...definately now housework wise. LOL My goal was to get the house picked up and 30 Bridal shower invites done today...Only one of them got done. And I am guess by the pictures posted, you can figure out which one. LOL These invites are for my little sisters bridal shower. WOW....that doesn't even seem possible for my BABY sister to be getting married! Makes me feel old! :-(

Anyway, These were so quick to put together...I just cut everything out to size and here is is ready for assembly!
In the mean time while I was assembling daughter had gotten real quite....So I went upstairs to check on her....LOL Wings and all, her wand is laying underneath her...This princess was OUT!!!!! So cute, I just HAD to take a picture of it!

Here you have it! 30 finished invites!! I really like how they turned out also. Very simple, very clean. I was excited! I am sure I am going to need to make a few more, but I started with 30....Besides it isn't like these took real long.

Here is the final invite...up close and personal! I like them.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Crafting!
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  1. Excellent. You did wonderful Katie.
    How do you feel?
    Kylie matches your invite's color scheme!!