Thursday, January 27, 2011

A crop night with a friend!

Last night Brandi and I got together and had a mini crop night together. It was so much fun to have someone to talk to!! And on top of it, I was actually productive! LOL She brought over a computer program she has, I looked like a total newbie trying to work it, like I had never even seen a Cricut machine. It was commical. But anyway, these are the layouts that I actually finished. They are some of my favorites!

This is Kylie at 16 months, November 2009. Not TO far behind. LOL Only 14 months behind...My goal is to be completely caught up by her 3rd birthday...Of course that was my goal by her 2nd....(it didn't happen, but I was only 1 year behind then. LOL) I remember this day I took these pictures. It was a beautiful fall day with all those dried leaves all over the ground. Kylie had on a pink and white striped shirt. I was pulling her around in an old rusty red wagon and was just following her around with the camera. When I went to develop the pictures I was playing with the color and I have to admit, the Sepia toned was SOOOOO much prettier then in full color. Which, is why all the pictures are Sepia and this JelliBeanSoup paper and Prima flowers where a perfect match!
Where we live, we have a lot of cows. My in-laws are big into cattle and during the county fair in 2009, Kylie became the biggest fan of cows. So whenever it is nice outside, we go walk down to the lot so she can watch them. She can sit there forever and just watch the cattle. She is such an outside / animal lover. I have big plans for her in 4-H when she gets older.
She LOVES her brother Kody, they had so much fun together playing on the her slide. They are pretty special 1/2 siblings, born on the same day 9 years apart. My grandpa was also born on the same day. When Kylie turned 1, Kody turned 10, and great Grandpa turn 80.
This I think is my new favorite layout of far...This day Kylie was running around in diaper and was playing in my "tupperware" drawer. She put this big butter dish on her head and was carrying around the big spoon. At one point she had went and got this red blanket and wrapped it around herself. I was laughing so hard was so happy I actually I thought of getting a picture of it. I clipped the blanket together so it would stay on. She stayed like this for probably a good 30 minutes just walking around the house waving that spoon. Of course, I didn't get it on video...I probably could have been $10,000 richer right now if I had. LOL Oh well...
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