Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What an honor....

Today, in the city of Seward, NE...a new found papercrafter was recognized by a fellow crafter from far away.  My new friend, mentor and fellow crafter Krista from Krista's Paper Cafe has honored me with a "Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you so much Krista!  It made my day!!  I can't thank you enough for encouraging me though my new found love and journey in the world of papercrafting!  Krista could only pick 8 blogs to honor with this award and again I am honored she decided to choose mine as one of those 8.

Along with this award come a few expectations....

1.  I must share 8 things about myself...so...here they go..

          1.  I have been married since 2004 at which time I had no idea the love of papercrafting or scrapbooking
          2.  I have a beautiful little girl who has been my inspiration to begin this journey back in 2008 to which I have passed on the addiction...I mean, LOVE of art.  (at 2 1/2 my little girl would rather paint and create then watch t.v.  Who can blame her and who am I not to encourage that!)
          3.  I am currently "single parenting" as my husband is fighting overseas for our wonderful country. 
          4.  I um....(wow 8 things, who would have thought this was going to be this hard...LOL) I have 2 other sisters...one older and one younger...The younger sister is getting married in April 2011 and I made all her Invitations.  My first BIG project! 
         5.  I have a sweet spot for Reeses Peaunt Butter Cups...I just love them so much!
         6.  I have driven an 18 wheeler all the way from Cheyanne, WY to Seward, NE (my husband is a truck driver, he owns his own company,  and he threatened me that if I didn't drive home, we were staying the night in the truck...again..)  LOL
        7.  I LOVE to dance and my daughter WILL love it also...  LOL
        8.  Thinking of 8 things to say about myself that would be ineresting to others had to have been one of the hardest things I have had to do....
        9.  I am just kidding on that last one..LOL  The real number 8...I love my family more than life itself and I would do anything for anyone of them...and family isn't only blood...

2.  Well now I need to pass this award to 8 others that I have found that offer inspiration to my crafting life and that just offer up smiles in general!  The following are the list of their blogs in no particular order...Please check them out!!!!

1.  A bit of this.A bit of that.
2.  Kinder Stampo
3.  Bug Lover Cards
4.  Pink Cricut
5.  My Pink Stamper
6.  Spantastikcreations
For my last two I am choosing two wonderful sites that really got me going in the scrapbooking world.  Without their awesome deals to help get me started, who knows if I would even be where I am now...
7.  CraftySteals  -  This is their main website, but you can get to their blog through it.
8.  Scrappin Deals N Steals  -  This is the main website, but you can get to their blog through it.

And of course the wonderful lady who honored me....Krista from Krista's Paper Cafe  Thank you again for your support and encouragement!
Alright...There you have it.  These are just a very few people that have inspired me to do what I am doing now.  And I couldn't thank them enough..Please be sure to check them out!

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  1. Katie--you wrote very well. You are so fun and a great crafter.