Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Paper and More Paper

This is my stash of paper...You see all the cardstock sorted on the left in the center is all the patterned paper...My next investment is going to be a Cropper Hobber paper files. Not that I don't like my Priority Mail boxes...LOL On the right are all my stickers and Thickers and rub-ons.

This basket contains all my paper sets that I get... I like to keep them together that way I have everything I need for a layout in one reach! But I would like a different way to store them....Oh well this works for now..
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  1. Ahhhhh.
    I use boxes for supplies too. There always seems to be just the right size box in the house for what I need. It's environmentally friendly, too!
    Love paper. You make me look bad. I have a lot more--I'm addicted. For my paper I have similar "tower" drawers. I have two, but need a third tower. Those suckers are expensive!
    I love arranging my craft supplies & room.
    Glad you had fun, Katie. It looks very inviting. Lots of room.