Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The wild hair is finished! Part one

This is a little shelf I have sitting on my cutting table where I can display some of my recent creations. On the left, is the wedding invites I made for my sisters wedding. The middle, is a recent card I made, "With Love" and on the right is an Army frame I made for a picture of my husband.

Here I have all my little embellishments...The wire racking holds my boxes of ribbon, pens, embossing powders, mini albums, brads, crop-0-dile, and adhesives. The rolling cart is filled with all the other embellies that I love~

In the background you can see some garland hanging on the wall...This is a set of three that say "Sweet" "Love" "Kiss"....

CARDSTOCK!!!!! I use to have all my cardstock just piled in a drawer and I would have to dig and dig and dig to find what I was looking for...So I stocked up at Walmart with those three drawer sterilite containers...THEY ARE PERFECT!!!! One for each color. This way now all I have to do is pull out the drawer of the color I am looking for and find the right match. VIOLA! Plus...I didn't realize HOW MUCH I actually had! Amazing what you find when you "clean".
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