Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick kiddo and a wild hair....

So on Thursdau I got a stupid idea and thought I needed to rearrange my scraproom....It started with the feeling of wanting to do a deep vaccum, I have carpet in my room...for now, so I moved my table out of the corner and it exploded from there.  On Friday I had completely torn it apart but had to take my daughter to her well-child check at 330p.m. so I didn't get it finished...I figured I could finish after we got home...  Kylie did very well durning her check as usual, no issues, had her vaccines and away we went.  6p.m. Friday night, I noticed Kylie wasn't looking very well, took her temp and it was 101.9.  This was the highest it has ever been, so far...  Granted I know those vaccines can cause a fever so I wasn't to concerned.  Although she rarely ever had reactions prior to this.  Gave her some Motrin and three hours would have thought that her fever would have gone down...NOPE!  102.8!  I was starting to go panic!  Friday night it had spiked to 103.5.  I had called the Triage nurse line before it had even hit 103.0, who would have thought that in a 2 1/2 year old when the fever hits 105.0 thats when they need to come in!  Kept the fever down through Friday night..
Saturday her fever hovered around 102.5-102.9 most of the would go lower and get higher but pretty much stayed in that range.  She slept alot, but I wasn't able to leave her side. The second I would try she would wake up, so the mess I created in my scraproom was no longer a priority.  Saturday night, her and I were watching TV and I would take her temp periodically and it started to creep up past about 930p.m. while the snow is falling heavily down and the wind is blowing her fever decides to spike at 104.0  I called the triage nurse line again and in the 5 minutes I was on the phone with them it went up to 104.7.  I went and started the car got her dressed and we were off in a mild blizzard to the E.R. 40 miles away....
By the time we got to the E.R. at 1045p.m. her temp had gone down to 103.6 but I didn't care, I wasn't going to wait and see if it would go down at home. My baby girl doesn't feel good and I hadn't been able to do anything for her so someone else hopefully can.  They got her right in dosed her with some Tylenol, a dose of liquid steriod and a breathing treatment because she had also aquired a croupy cough Friday night.  They did a nasel swab and chest xray to hopefully rule out pneumonia and influenza which they, PRAISE THE LORD, were able to do.  They dosed her with some Ibuprofin at midnight and at 1a.m. we were released with a liquid steriod prescription and a diagnosis of a viral croup.  The nurse said what more then likely happened was that Kylie was "getting" sick prior to her well-child check, but her body was handeling it.  After her shots, they compromised her immune system just enough to let that virus attack her and knock her out.  We got hot home about 2a.m. and she and I both slept pretty well. 
Which brings us to today....
Kylie's fever never got above 101.5 today and for the majority of the day stayed around 100.3 or lower even reading normal a few times.  She was in a better mood and I was able to leave her side for longer than a five minute period.  She took a GREAT nap this afternoon and against my own desire, I skipped nap time with her to try to make some progress in the mess I had created of my scraproom.  When Kylie got up, she even came down and "helped" me.  I am still not done, but with a sick kiddo, a wild hair is not a good thing to have.  LOL  I will be posting the before and afters of the mess.  Someday I hope to repaint the entire room also and offically have a "studio"...In time I guess.  You will even see Kylie's little section of the craft room.  I was even nice and gave up one of my rolling carts to her...  LOL

Sleep tight all!!!  Thanks for all the well wishes for my little girl.  We aren't 100% but we are well on our way!


  1. Katie, you are such a good mama in so many ways. Glad Kylie is on the mend. Sleep well tonight. Talk soon, new friend.

  2. I am doing the same thing the wild hair only its coming upstairs in my dining room :) lol.. only because my basement is too freaking cold to sit in. Super excited about the move.. now to just get it done. :)