Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taking a break....

Well I was able to take a break from the trucks for a bit today and ended up creating a few cards.. So I will get right to them...Here ya go!

Card #1 "friend"
Maybe not my favorite again, but I have to remember....someone else might.  LOL

 Card #2  "HERO"
One of my FAVES by far!!  Simple card, but for those of you that follow me, you know my husband is currently overseas so this has some extra meaning behind the card...Funny thing is when I began this card, it was going to be a Birthday Card....I started with just the red and blue stars and this is how it ended up...Pretty sure this is getting sent to a certain HERO of mine!
 Up-close of the center:  The HERO part is actually only part of the actual stamp, I really like how this turned out..Plus I stitched the papers together...I did it once and I loved how it turned out and now I am hooked on stitching by machine...not so much by hand...LOL

Card #3
This was a fun little card...

Card #4
I call this one my scrap card...I don't know just reminds me of kind of a mod podge card of mix and match...I think it is fun...

Card #5....
I made this card this morning, and I posted a seperate blog about this card, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it...I am donating 50% of all card proceeds to Relay for Life from the sale of any and all "Pink Ribbon" cards...see my earlier blog post for more information! 

Well there you have it...My creations for the day...I should have taken a picture of my scraproom afterwards...IT IS A MESS!!!!  Maybe I will get it RE-cleaned before I do more tomorrow...or maybe I will get my house cleaned in general before I do more tomorrow...Guess we will see right!  LOL
Have a great night and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!


  1. I like the "modge podge" with the flowers and circles. Can you see the recipient's smile when they open the envelope?! And I like the friend card. I do the same: Make a card and say "Oh that is 'ugly'." But I always keep it to give, someone will like it. You have been having fun, Katie!

  2. I CAN see the smile on someones face. I love creating something and then when finished I have a big smile on MY face...Yeah..every once in a while, like that "friend" card, I just think.."Eh, not the greatest..." but then if I am serious about this business I have to remember that not everyone is going to like what I like and I don't always like what others like, so I need to leave my "bubble" every now and then and do something I normally wouldn't... I have been having fun, I just feel so much more relaxed to be honest after I have had the chance to craft these last two days... I think I needed to "get away..." Thanks for all your support Krista!!!

  3. Great cards Katie! I love the different patterns and colors on the "for you" card! It's so fun and whoever receives that card will love it! I think the "friends" card is cute! It's so simple and it made me smile looking at it. Happy crafting!

  4. Thank you so much!!! Thank you so much for your support!!!