Sunday, March 6, 2011

Because I don't have enought to do already...


I am the type of person that HAS to be busy...I do better when there is ALWAYS something for me to do...
1.  MOM!!!  (This is my favorite job of all!)
2.  WIFE!!!  Not only a regular wife...but an ARMY wife!!!!!
3.  Housekeeper (my least favorite job LOL)
4.  Friend
5.  Scrapbooker!  (Next to my daughter, this is my most favorite thing to do, because my daughter at age 2 1/2 likes to make crafts also!)
6.  Bookkeeper for my husbands trucking business...  For anyone that knows me...this is the root of all my stress...Running a trucking business, which I know nothing about while my husband is on the other side of the world, protecting our freedom...This is my least (even more then the housekeeper job) favorite thing to do, but I do it, because I love him...
And NOW...
7.  AVON REPRESENTATIVE!!!!!    I love Avon and figured eh...might as well sell it and make a few extra bucks...kind of like my thinking with starting a scrapbooking business...I like it and if I can make a few bucks doing it...what do I have to loose!!  SO...

If you are interested in helping me get started in my Avon business...please visit my website:


  1. I understand having to much to do! I linked back to you in my post today.
    Thank you for the award!

  2. Thanks Jessica!!! I checked out your list of the '9' talents!! Thanks for your creativity!!! Have a great day!