Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some layouts...

Well I was able to get two layouts done tonight along with the two cards I posted already. Actually the second layout on her, I had started I just needed to finish it. So I guess really I only did 1 1/2 layouts :-) but who is counting. With a sick kiddo I am lucky to have gotten anything done!
I think this layout easily became one of my favorites. Kylie LOVES her daddy, and this just fell together! The Scenic Route paper fit perfectly on it also!
This one wasn't my favorite by any means, but what do you do. Everyone has off days. And I am REALLY happy with the daddy page, so I can afford not to like this one. Nothing worked...colors, layouts, pictures, but these were sadly the only pictures I had for Kylie at 17 months, so they had to work. LOL
Well my sick little girl is ready for bed, so this post is quick and simple...Thanks for stopping..Happy Crafting!
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